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inCharge is the technology leader for digital management of self-directed and individualised funding.


Putting Individuals First.

Technology enabling self-direction in  social care.

Our self-directed care technology helps individuals and their families to organise and manage their own individualised funding and activities.   

Our insight and integrated approach put the individual first ensuring their wellbeing and quality of life outcomes, in partnership with their family and care network, are the best they can be. 

We work in partnership with individuals, support networks, care providers and commissioners of social care to co-produce digital solutions for better outcomes. 

inCharge helps



Putting you inCharge

Our user-friendly technology helps you to better manage your social care funding in a simple and transparent way. 

To become an inCharge Champion

Care providers

Enabling choice and control

Our trustworthy technology can help free resources while empowering your client groups to have more choice and control of their lives. 

To empower your clients


Promoting wellbeing

Insights for intervention and prevention ensure  client’s needs are met while promoting healthier and integrated communities of care.

To lead on inclusion.

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